All private lessons will be held at P.M.T House of dance. Studio availability may be limited. The studio space here is not very expensive. Some lessons may happen at Nexgen Studios. ( formally known as pearl studio’s.

What you need to know before you book a private lesson.

How Much does it cost?

The teacher will be guaranteed $50.00 for the hour. If Classes are held at P.M.T the studio space will be comped.

What do you teach?

You are able to have private sessions in the following:
Ballet Partnering
Men’s technique
Turns and Leaps
Choreography (There may be a fee for choreography rights)

All Sessions are 60minutes

In addition to the the private session you will also receive a password protected page attached to this website. It will include A video copy of the session. The video will contain extra corrections and slow motion, and Visuals. These sessions are available to you on safdance website for 6 months before being removed. This allows time for you to revisit that lesson and practice on your own time.

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